Why is Content Important?

Social media keeps changing – and changing – and changing again. The biggest question I get from business owners and clients is – what am I supposed to post? Does it even matter?

In previous posts, I have gone into detail about what type of content is best for businesses and why that is. For this post, let’s discuss why content is important.

Why is Content Important?

Consistency is key with social media – just like everything else! How many profiles have you seen where a few posts were made but that was in like 2018?? Remaining consistent with your content is crucial! It lets viewers know you are still in business and still active. You’re likely to get DM’s and inquires if they see you post on a regular basis. Post updates at least!

Posting content on a regular basis also keeps your business top of mind. The saying is true – out of sight, out of mind. You don’t have to post every single day, but make it a point to post at least twice a week.

I’ve really gotten into content creation. I love creating big picture dreams and content that is fun and engaging. Creating different looks showcases your brand. Think of content as your brand voice.

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