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Designing and developing websites are one of my favorite things to do! Digital storefronts are so important for any business. In fact, most clients and consumers will find you online before visiting your storefront.

Are you looking for a website host or wanting to try your hand at designing your own website? I highly recommend, Flywheel! This is a platform I have been using for every single website the past three years. It’s where I host my own sites too.

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting

There’s several reasons why I love Flywheel and it keeps getting better as the company grows. 

What started as a newer company has turned into something so good for designers and developers!

Flywheel Review

As a designer, how many times have we added code to a website for a specific function and suddenly, you get the blank screen of death? I don’t know about you, but this has happened to me so many times!

Luckily, Flywheel backs sites up on a daily basis. Simply restore the site as it was and viola! 

Customer service is always unmatched at Flywheel. Is my site slow? Did I mess up the DNS settings? Is it down? Customers are always a few clicks away from Flywheel support. Web design is too complex to mess around with weird tech glitches.

A content delivery add-on also helps with site speed. If you’re a blogger or maintain a large website that receives thousands of views, don’t worry. A site hosted with Flywheel can handle the traffic.

Billing can also be a road block on some hosting sites. With Flywheel, transferring sites, adding collaborators and anything on the billing side is a breeze. Bill clients or transfer the site once the project is complete. There’s also great packages for agencies and freelancers alike.

It’s also never been easier to launch a site. I purchase all domains through Hover (which is another tool I highly recommend). A few clicks on both ends and the site is up and running. Down time is minimal and navigating both dashboards is so easy.

A few other features worth mentioning: staging, development mode and site cloning. All possible with Flywheel. 

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